‘What to Cook Today?’ The toughest question..

‘Sunniye’, ‘hnn’, ‘Aaj kia pakana hai?’

‘Listen’, ‘yes’, ‘What to cook today?’

‘Will someone tell me, what to cook today for lunch?’

It’s the toughest question that keeps on repeating everyday in almost every home and sometimes several times a day. The wife asks the husband, the mother to the children, the children to the mother but – it still stays unresolved. More often it becomes a headache. You run out of ideas.

When I was in school and yeah, in college too, I remember, my mother used to keep on asking this question every day. The problem got worse when every kid had a different choice. Oh my God, I know my mother never likes to be in such a situation and daily…. Nops!!! But, mother is after all a mother; she had to get us agreed on few points.

In the morning, my husband came to me saying, ‘Jaan, whatever you’ll ask me, I will answer to it today but I have a request.’ I gave a knowing smile, ‘yes’, ‘what’s that?’ His reply was, ‘Please, don’t ask me what to cook today. I told you before also, its your department so you better handle it.’ The funniest part is that after few minutes passed, I was asking him the same question and he was thinking deep to give me a suggestion.

I remember, around a year or two back, I prepared a Cooking Chart to follow every day. Like what to cook on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on weekend and so on. The chart got followed for around two weeks with slight changes and then the same old routine, same old boring question. The poor paper is still stuck on the kitchen wall near the fridge and has almost been faded away.

NOW, I am seriously thinking to plan something new and more effective to solve this serious domestic issue. My 18months old princess has got her own eating routine on daily basis. So, another chart also needs to be prepared and followed for her.

Oh, I am still scratching my head to think, ‘what to cook today?’  I think Mutton Pullao is a good option 🙂 .


18 thoughts on “‘What to Cook Today?’ The toughest question..

  1. well said ! this actually is a major cause of headache for the kitchen crew..in fact a problem worth addressing.
    nice piece of writing..buck up !

  2. True…same goes for ma house too
    Even today ma wife & I keep asking and asking and asking the same question again and again
    “What shall satisfy our tummies”
    Wished it was easier…………….

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