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Dry Skin Remedies via My Personal Experiences

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.”

I am also a victim of very dry skin and had always been trying different remedies to make it stay moisturized and fresh. To be very honest, sometimes I really hate my skin. I have to use a moisturizer almost after every hand wash even. Now I am thinking to buy one to keep in the kitchen 🙂. But it’s what Nature has given me, so why not live with it while trying some remedies on regular basis, doing some extra work. After all, it’s our skin and we should love it. Isn’t it!!!

If you have dry skin then you need particular attention and care to make it stay fresh and healthy. For every person, the beauty mainly lies in your skin’s health & beauty. For people who have dry or extra dry skin, it usually feels tight and uncomfortable after washing face unless you apply some moisturizer or cream. It’s also because dry skin is in fact ‘dehydrated skin’ and needs extra care in terms of choosing the right method or moisturizer to use. And when your skin is dry it looks very dull. Especially when you go out, you try everything to make it look fresh but nothing works well enough.

Over the time I have learnt quite many useful things to make my dry skin stay fresh and moisturized. The tips or remedies I am going to give you are based on my personal experiences and the ones that have really worked for me. So, why not you too give it a try! Every tip mentioned below doesn’t have any serious type of side effects or harms. If it works for you, well and good, if not, try some others.

Dry skin could be due to genetic conditions but most often we too are responsible for it. Here come the basic reasons that could cause dry skin because of our own habits:


Poor Diet :

Look into your eating habits. Avoid junk foods and soft drinks. Trust me, it’ll work. Drink a lot of water. At least 6 – 8 glasses of water a day. You can make it a habit by increasing the water intake on daily basis. Increase you intake of raw foods. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables. If you are working, you can carry fruits with you which you can eat on your way or in your breakfast or lunch.

Sun Exposure:

Avoid being under the sun as much as you can. Dry skin is mostly prone to freckles, brown spots especially on your cheek areas, nose and sometimes forehead too. The remedy is when you are back home, wash your face and apply fresh yoghurt evenly on your face avoiding eyes. Let it dry for 15 to 20mins or as long as you want it to stay. Then wash your face with warm or cold water. It’s the tip, one of my family friends gave me and it works wow for me. Your skin starts looking so fresh and with time the brown spots will fade away. Even if you are not getting exposed to sun, you can apply it on daily basis. There is no harm in it.

Body Dryness:

I often use olive oil or almond oil in the bathing water to avoid skin dryness over the body especially in winter. It really works. But for the people who have extremely dry skin, it might not be very effective. They should avoid hard soaps, anti septic soaps and wash gels. As anti germ soaps and gels are hard and make your skin more dry and cause cracks. I personally prefer Dove Beauty Soap with Cucumber and Green Tea extracts. Just give it a try. It’s really wonderful. But never forget to apply a rich moisturizing lotion after bath.

Sleeping With Makeup On:

Never sleep with makeup on your face. Always wash your face and apply a light moisturizer before going to bed. With makeup on your skin, the skin can’t breathe and lack of oxygen makes skin more dry and prone to wrinkles.

Exercise Please! :

Try to exercise daily, if not, then whenever you have enough time. You can only brisk walk on daily basis. It unblocks the skin pores and allows the natural oils to come to the surface and hydrate your skin.


Bleach & Scrubs:

People with dry skin, please avoid bleaching your skin more often. You will feel the difference if you are bleaching mostly. Scrubs are poisonous for dry skin.

If you want to cleanse your skin, use a light exfoliator once a week. You can use honey; it’s a good exfoliator for dry skin. Grinded Almonds paste with milk is another good homemade exfoliator. The main purpose of scrubber is to remove the dead cells, which can be achieved by an exfoliator.

From the Market:

Here is a small list of things that I have personally used over the years to maintain my skin. It’s all based on my personal experience. There had been lots of products that really didn’t work and even did the opposite to my skin but the below mentioned ones are fantastic for my very dry skin.

Ä  Olay products have always worked for dry skin, especially on face. The best part is that they don’t make your skin look oily. Olay Natural White can be used as a sunscreen and whitening cream during the day. It has SPF 24. For washing face, I prefer Olay Skin Comfort face wash for dry skin.

Ä  I personally recommend NIVEA lotion for dry – very dry skin with Almond Oil after shower. It works wonder.

Ä  Himalayas Herbals’ Peel – Off Mask with Almond & Cucumber used once a week, leave your skin so healthy, shining and full of life that you are going to love it.

Some Do’s and Don’ts to Follow:

ð  Always pat dry your skin whether after washing face or taking shower and immediately apply the moisturizer. Little water left on your face keeps your skin hydrated.

ð  Never use hot or very hot water. It makes your skin very dry and even creates cracks. Use warm water.

ð  Get good sleep every day. Lack of sleep badly affects your skin.

ð  Conditioned air is dry and affects your skin badly. If you can, then try to avoid sitting in an air conditioned room or keep a bucket of water in the room to humidify the air.

ð  Too many facials also cause more skin dryness. If you really want to have facial often, remind the beautician to use the special creams and scrubs etc. made for dry skin.

ð  Try to wear gloves while using any washing liquids or detergents.

ð  Always use a light cleanser. One with cucumber extracts is the best.

I hope the substance above will help to solve your dry skin problems. Remember, all the suggestions above are purely based on my personal experience.

I am thinking over and over again, if there is something left to mention. Hmmm, let’s see, if there is or there are few, I can post later. Isn’t it! 🙂

I think I need some sleep. I have a doctor visit tomorrow morning. Let’s hope everything goes fine.


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