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Sweet Eggs for Your Breakfast

Hi everyone! You must be tired of same breakfast every day with a fried egg, an omelete or a boliled agg. If you are an egg lover and want some change, you should give it a try.

 I learnt this recipe from my mother when I was in school and I just love it. When I’m feeling the urge to have a full and heavy breakfast (mostly on weekends), I cook it. It takes only 5mins. Worth a try :)!


2 Eggs

2 tablespoons Unsalted Butter

2-3 teaspoons Sugar

5 tablespoons Milk

2 teaspoons Honey (If desired)

Crack the eggs in a small frying pan and beat it a little (don’t over beat to bring bubbles). Add sugar, butter and milk. Mix them well enough and put the pan over low heat. Keep on stirring until it leaves butter on the surface. Remove from heat and yeah, sweets eggs are ready.

You can eat it with bread or paratha. If you like, you can also top it with honey for more taste.

~        Ingredients’ amount will be doubled for more servings.

Serves 1 person

Preparation time: 2mins, Cooking time: 5mins


Hope you like it. If yes, do leave your comments :).


6 thoughts on “Sweet Eggs for Your Breakfast

    1. Thanx for appreciation :).
      The picture under you ‘Bubbly Four Ways’ is awesome. In such a hot and humid weather here, I just felt the urge to pick a glass out of the photo. Im gonna give it a try.

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