On My White Board

Fed up of sticky notes, reminders, diary notes, to do lists, planners and blah blah blah. What to look into, what and when to carry with, are all some wearing questions of daily life whether you are on job or at home.

Then why not find a way to note all of these details at an easily accessible and one place only . You don’t need to run around for your diary, your planner and a pen to note down the sudden ideas, reminders, contact details etc. I heard of a lady scribbling sudden ideas and to do’s on her car window while stuck in a traffic jam or standing at a red signal 🙂 .

To avoid procrastination and getting things done on time, I thought to have a change with ease.For that I bought a white board. Yes, a white board. Not to hang in a classroom or in a lecture hall but to hang in my house.  And to tell you honestly it’s doing wonders for me. My white board has become my best friend with whom I am sharing every idea, every thought. It’s my planner, note pad, diary, to do list and a calendar too.

Since I have started using it, there is bombardment of new ideas each passing day and I am working to implement those too. The best part is that I have become more organized in my daily life activities.

Immediately writing down any idea or task on my wb that occurs to me over the course of the day is wondeful. Once it’s on my white board, it means I don’t walk around feeling preoccupied by it — or risk forgetting it.

Recently we had a trip and a two nights stay at a resort. The feeling of carrying what and what not for the tour really made me crazy. But my best buddy told me not to worry at all. A week earlier to the trip, I started jotting down the ideas, list of things to carry, do’s and don’ts. The night before we were leaving, almost everything was under my control. It made our trip wonderful and exceptional.

  • Scribbled ‘to do lists’ are 90% done by the end of the day.
  • Important meetings, people to call, pending mails to compose, contact numbers to call on are there.
  • Its helping me to build up my vocabulary too. I had always been wondering for how to work on my vocabulary and tried lots of tools but nothing helped much.
  • Things to carry on a long commute or for a stay away from home got listed there too.
  • To dash off sudden ideas for writing blogs is another amazing thing.
  • I write down number of missed prayers  and try my best to offer them all one by one.
  • The surahs from Holy Quran which I want to learn keep on coming too.
  • My shopping list, how can I forget that 🙂 . Yeah, household items too.

It’s been more than a month now and I am in love with my new buddy.

Hey, this white board is not mine. Mine is more jumbled one :$.


5 thoughts on “On My White Board

  1. heyy..!
    i do dis too…..
    i’ve been doing dat since 2 to 3 yrs…n it really is very very successful !!!
    a double thumbs-up !!! ;D

  2. Nice post Will help many disorganized goonies out there with more organization in their lives (If they really go for it………….I mean the white board idea)

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