Fourteen Brilliant Ways to Kill Your Time at Office


Do you belong to the same category I am stuck in!? I wish you are not. Although, many people will not relate themselves to it but believe me there are times that you really are in such a situation.

Where too many people have lost their jobs during recession time, there are also many employees whom are working for the companies that don’t have new projects to deal with. It really creates an environment of complete boredom and monotony. Then time in the office can be hard to get by. I am not sure if I am fortunate or unfortunate as I too belong to same category.

**This post is four years old and now in Feb 2016, I no more belong to this category :). Now I am looking for some ‘brilliant ways’ on how to take out some time for myself :(.

This blog is actually how I kill my time at office. Trust me you are gonna love this and would  correspond to it as well.

  • Ø  Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. – if not blocked at your place .Share stupid statuses, upload pictures, watch videos, share links and all that naughty stuff. – I know this is an old one.
  • Ø  You can also read newspaper to stay updated. It might be the hard copy delivered to your office regularly–if spared by the manager, or you can browse lots of online newspapers of your choice.
  • Ø  What if you have got some artistic talent, go ahead, grab the A4 sheets – which too are fed up of not being used- and show your talent. In fact this is one of my favorites. You will also find below a superb piece of work done by me.
  • Ø  Not done yet! No worries, I have some healthy tips too. Fill in your table drawers with different types of snacks, biscuits, chewing gum and anything that is your favorite.
  • Ø  Go down to the building reception and have a chit chat with the receptionists, security people who too are dying with boredom more than you are. Know their family and job history and share yours. I assure you will not be disappointed.
  • Ø  Store water, juices and drinks on your table. As we all know, liquids make us healthy and keep our skin fresh and glowing. And yeah, looking at another aspect, it will help in killing your time when you have to rush to the toilet several times.
  • Ø  If bored of all above, stand besides your office window and start counting the cars parked. Choose your favorite ones, give ratings, and if yours is there, try to find that too – I know you are tired of yours.
  • Ø  Download desktop wallpapers and keep on changing to make yourself stay awake.
  • Ø  This one is especially for ladies. Don’t forget to visit toilets often. After all your makeup needs to be refreshed every other hour.
  • Ø  Tea and coffee are also good choices but not my favorite ones. In fact I have started hating the coffee machine installed in here.
  • Ø  Let’s play a game. Who can throw the paper ball farthest?
  • Ø  Are you a blogger? Why not post something new – as I am doing right now :).
  • Ø  If you are a victim of game addiction, why not go ahead. There are millions of online games.
  • Ø  Hey, if none of the above is working anymore, I have a special one but I am doubtful whether it’s gonna be convenient for all.

Actually, we are gonna install LCD televisions in few of the areas to save us from the ultimate boredom. Isn’t that great one!!!

I hope that at least one of the above will be of your choice. Indeed they all are working fantastically well for me. Try them but make sure boss is not around. By the way he won’t be around for most of the time. After all, he too needs some fun time outside.

And lastly, please don’t forget to add your healthy suggestions to this post in the comments section below. 





3 thoughts on “Fourteen Brilliant Ways to Kill Your Time at Office

  1. Excellent post with some good creative ideas….Never knew counting cars was also an option for killing time

    Good work Keep it up!!

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