Failing to Live

You couldn’t get what you longed for. You had a dream and pursued it for months and years but ,somehow, by the end you couldn’t succeed in. You failed to live up to your dreams (which often are related to expectations of others from you as well). You lost a beloved one, your possessions, your money or your job. Any of the above can lead to a complete disappointment or loss of trust in your abilities, in God, and there are thousands of such examples surrounding all of us. We face failures at whatever age we belong to and the most dangerous is the reaction of young lot i.e. children, teenagers and youngsters. This is what I wanted to talk about here as this makes me very sad and I wonder if my words could give some hope to anyone going through such situation.

I always wanted to become an MBBS but fate didn’t go in my favour. I opted for a completely different field or rather say it was choice of Time and like an obedient servant of Time I pursued that with all my heart. My hard work and dedication paid back. To be true, I wasn’t happy with the choice of Time at several occasions, but life proved that Time chose the best  for me and I am still a very happy person.

Recently, I kept on running and chasing a dream that I wished to pursue for last four years. This was my dream, my goal that I wanted to reach at any cost. I kept on trying hard and finally found out the right opportunity. Once there, I still had to dedicate full energies and give my best to win it. So I did complete preparation as per my potential or may be more than that. For that period of around three months, I went through a phase of hope and despair at all times. It was one of the painful & agonizing phases of my life. My days and nights were spent praying and striving for that. I felt like dying every night with a lost heart and fear to lose it. But every  morning I woke up with a hope that I might reach there today. I even started doubting my beliefs that what if despite of all my prayers and hard work I won’t succeed, and if so happens, I might lose my trust in God. This thought always made me flounder.

Finally the day arrived and I received the most awaited call with a big ‘NO’. To be very honest I wasn’t expecting the negative as my hopes were very high. I felt like the whole world had fallen on me.

I kept the phone, took deep breaths, closed my wet eyes, and to my surprise, I was neither angry, nor disappointed.  Yes, I felt the wetness in my eyes and said Alhamdulillah (Thank God). For me this meant that my trust in God is still there and I didn’t lose it which I feared the most. I believe it was because of my trust in my abilities. I knew that I did my best. If I didn’t get it, it was because God has planned something much better for me.

Every human has dreams, goals to fulfill. I too had lots of desires, targets to achieve and plans to pursue during past years of my life, and I also know that I couldn’t achieve most of them. So what! This is not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean that I won’t ever be able to reach there and get them.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

Every person outside there goes through dilemmas in life. Some are small, some are huge. Some face it courageously; some lose hope and go deep down in such an agony that makes them a rusted piece. But trust me it’s still not late. You can stand up again. There are hundreds and thousands of other opportunities waiting for you. If not today then tomorrow and if not tomorrow then the day after tomorrow.… You just need to give your best and leave the rest. If you couldn’t succeed, Fate must have decided something much better for you. That might not be something meant for you or might not be as good for you as you have imagined it.

A student failing in an exam tries to kill himself just because of a silly thought that his/her future is over. A person failing to get his love jumps from a building just because there won’t be anyone else in the whole world to love him again or can fall in love with him. An unemployed person hangs himself with the ceiling as he can’t do anything for his family. What about the poor family after he dies? What about his children, who need him the most. If he was alive, he could try harder and hard work and dedication never fails. Why don’t we try???

“Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.”

Don’t go for the quick fixes rather than finding the true solutions. Stop allowing negative emotions and think positive. Look around yourself at the people who are in worse situation than yours. We often avoid accepting our failures and blame others for it. We try to minimize our mistakes and find the reasons why we had no choice but to do what we did. Each time we avoid our failings, we miss the opportunities for growth. Know you value as no creature in this world is born without a reason.

God has blessed us with the most beautiful gift of ‘hope’. We hope and we dream OR we dream and we hope. It goes both ways. Then we pursue our dreams with a feeling of hope deep in our hearts. We as humans are lucky to have these presents. Scientists are still unable to solve the mystery of human mind that how does it possess such feelings.

Life is another name of tests and trials. It makes us stronger. Every time you fail, remember, you have got more powers to fight the world in a better way to solve your problems. Trust me there is nothing as illuminating as ‘Hope’. What if you couldn’t get what you wanted the most! There must be a better option waiting for you but you don’t bother to try for that and miss the opportunity, blaming your luck by the end.

Pat your shoulder for even a tiny achievement. Don’t underestimate yourself. Yes, you can make the difference.

Stay Blessed.

Cheers 🙂


6 thoughts on “Failing to Live

  1. Lovely post! It’s really hard to discuss yourself in public and you have got the guts to do that. Yes, its a life long process of tests and trials that makes us wiser and stronger by each passing day.

  2. I loved to read this post. Nice selection of topic and keep up the good work. Anyone after reading your blog can relate to it. “Why don’t we try???” Really thoughtful. I would love to keep on visiting your work :). Cheers to you too.

    1. Thanks a lot for dropping by. Actually I had been thinking to write on it for long. Pleased that you liked it. You are most welcome dear. Your comments will be very valuable.

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